Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mansion Poker Makes Move To Combat Cheating

Mansion Signs With Ethoca

Leading fraud management firm Ethoca Limited has announced that online casino has joined its global community of companies intent on reducing scams and increasing revenues. This seems like a good move to me in light of the continuing the seemingly nonstop barrage of online poker scams.

'The online gaming industry is strongly on board with the idea of collaborating to stop fraud with four of the top five and many more of the top 50 already committed to working together through Ethoca's community,” said Andre Edelbrock, President and Chief Executive Officer for Ethoca.

“As the rapidly emerging de facto standard for collaboration in this industry, we are very pleased to add as the newest member. Most fraud management is about reducing risk but Ethoca is unique because we're also about increasing revenues.'

Dublin-based Ethoca stated that its partner firms now include financial providers, Internet-based retailers and online gaming operators and that it increases profitability by distinguishing between reliable and unreliable transactions, which reduces losses and non-payment. It said that recent research discovered that better fraud management could result in e-businesses recovering more than $30 billion in previously foregone annual revenues.

"Offering the best value in online gaming means we must continue to stay at the cutting edge of fraud prevention to offer the best possible protection for our members,” said Guy Gussarsky, Chief Executive Officer for Gibraltar-based

“Ensuring our players have an enjoyable, safe and worry-free gaming experience is our priority. Ethoca's innovative platform for anti-fraud collaboration is unique and allows to benefit from the payment experiences of other companies. It is a real breakthrough in fraud management."