Monday, April 07, 2008

Steve Forte Heads List of New Cheats Hall of Fame Inductees!

Steve Forte and 3 other notorious poker and casino cheats have been inducted into the American Roulette Poker and Casino Cheating Hall of Fame. Forte--known first as a busted casino cheat, then as the most sought-after anti-cheating casino consultant and renowned author of game protection tomes, and then again as a busted poker cheat for his role as the mastermind of a multi-million-dollar high-tech poker scam at the Atlantic City Borgata--will at least be the beneficiary of this good news while he waits the final disposition of his legal mess in the Borgata matter!

The other inductees are John Soares, a legendary craps cheat and playboy who loved the high life; Duke Wilson, the infamous and talented roulette mechanic who spearheaded the notorious Classon Pastposting Team's attacks on the world's roulette tables; and Balls Abramowitz, who worked the greatest casino cheating move ever, "The Savannah," with Richard Marcus and Pat Mallery, two fellow cheating Hall-of-Famers. To read their inscriptions, go to the American Roulette Cheaters Hall of Fame page.