Thursday, April 17, 2008

Is calling Doyle Brunson a Porn Star?

I am not a fan of the oft irreverent betting media site but this article about Doyle Brunson certainly caught my attention, no matter how ridiculous it may be. Now...I have read various accounts about Brunson, some calling him a cheat, others a Wall Street crook (there was an SEC investigation into Brunson's offer to buy WPT Enterprises), but never until now a porn actor! Well, okay, perhaps we can all take this with a grain of salt, but in my opinion someone should spill the whole shaker over!

Here is their article on Doyle Brunson's so called porn escapades:


If you are a fan of the poker world the way we are, perhaps you've noticed an interesting trend of late: Celebrity Poker Players who have appeared in porn flicks. There was magician David Williams in "Granny Loving Foot Lovers". Then are 70's porn icons Ron Jeremy and Jamie Gillis who have also dabbled in some poker tournaments. If we really want to stretch it, we could say that Dancing With the Stars contestant and poker pro Shannon Elizabeth starred in a porn flick as there are those who probably consider American Pie just that. We won't even touch the reporter Jenny Woo porn video, which has successfully been removed from circulation.

So we knew it wouldn't be long until the Texas dolly, hundred something year old Viagra popping Doyle Brunson would eventually jump into the fray.

"Here I am Dusting Off My Texas Size Willy" gets four stars from our own Payton O'Brien.

"That's because we don't see Doyle naked and there is no real sex. Eeegad!" O'Brien said.

It seems Doyle has been getting a little frisky these days watching sexy bikini clad girls engage in one on ponging.

Doyle gets into a little sadomasochistic torture cowboy hat wearing guys target his you-know-what for a little "ball pleasure"....

Watch below to see poker pro Doyle take on these thrusting cow pokers (there's a video on their site if you have to see it). Never have we seen Doyle so stiff. Doyle watches listlessly as his balls get wet.

Okay, I guess we have.

So shocking, so disturbing....we are going to regret showing this on

But we'll do it anyway because we