Thursday, March 06, 2008

World Game Protection Star Speaker Jeff Murphy Caught Double-Talking in Catwalk!

Willy Allison's World Game Protection Conference, which supposedly sets out to educate casino surveillance people about how to protect casinos and poker rooms from cheaters and hustlers, puts out a monthly newsletter called "The Catwalk." The main featured writer of the Catwalk is Jeff Murphy, a surveillance and table games employee from the Seven Feathers Casino in Oregon. Murphy is also one of the too many annual speakers at the World Game Protection Conference and writes regularly for Casino Enterprise Management Magazine, giving the gaming world his "expert" advice on this gaming issue or that. However, Murphy's March, 2008 Catwalk article titled "The Godfather of the Game, an Interview with Tony Giorgio," an admitted longtime card hustler who claims he cheated people in gambling over decades, blatantly contradicts Murphy's January, 2008 Catwalk article to the point that it not only casts a shadow on his own credibility but also that of the entire World Game Protection conference.

In his January Catwalk article titled "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: How to Pick a Casino Consultant," Murphy vehemently warns casino executives not to hire ex-cheaters as casino game protection consultants. His attack on ex-cheaters gone straight who want to share their knowledge with casino surveillance staffs was so vile that "way of the top" is an understatement. Here is some of what he wrote, about which Willy Allison, the WGPC president, wrote me in an e-mail, "I knew Jeff's piece would piss some people off, but I didn't think you would be one of them." Well, Willy was wrong.


"As gaming has gained popularity, now being worthy of numerous prime-time and cable television shows, everyone is looking to cash in on the current popularity. Once proclaimed cheaters are now looking to alter their questionable pasts because they surely have the casinos and your best interests at heart? I think not. The reality is these former cheats are naturally gravitating toward the money in vulture-like fashion. They are scouring the fields looking for a chance to partake and feed off the heightened celebrity of casinos as consultants. I liken this new fade (allowing these former cheaters the opportunity to consult and benefit from the success of casinos) to that of being mugged by a person one day and having that same person attempt to pull at your heartstrings while panhandling the next day. Either way this person represents character traits most would deem undesirable. With that stated, I very highly question a former cheater's value as a casino consultant.

"Casino professionals are hard working people providing effort to make our casinos run effectively. Yet for every hard working casino employee, there are multiple people of questionable back grounds, looking for the quick hit while providing equal effort toward under minding casino operations. These cheaters not only represent a threat to the casino and the assets, they represent a threat to any employee who could ultimately lose a job because of a cheater's under minding activities. Where does the honor in that rate? Why should the industry provide these folks with a platform to assist their success? Bottom line, we should not value these flawed individuals by offering "rock star" status to already perceived selfish individuals."

WELL, LO AND BEHOLD, Jeff Murphy in his March Catwalk article is singing a very different tune. Suddenly he is in awe of an ex-cheater to the point where his words in this interview/article are fawning Mr. Tony Giorgio, a self confessed cheater who Murphy envisions as a...what? protection consultant!!!" Here are some of Murphy's questions to Mr. Giorgio and some of his comments about Mr. Giorgio. After you read what Murphy has to say in this exchange versus what he said two months ago in his declaration of war against ex-cheaters turned consultants, you have to wonder what Murphy's motives were in each article. Surely he had good reason to so utterly contradict himself in front of thousands of trusting casino executives trying to learn who they can trust to educate their casino staffs in the very important fields of casino cheating and casino asset protection. In light of this, what are these casino executives supposed to think? First, Murphy is telling them never to hire an ex-cheater to protect their casinos, then, two months later, he's endorsing a notorious ex-cheater to these same executives?


"Writing for The Catwalk has brought with it a plethora of interesting opportunities; none more fascinating than the different people I come in contact with through correspondence regarding my articles. The Catwalk provided me with yet another opportunity to meet a fascinating man; not for dating purposes, thank you very much. I'm happily married, yes to a woman, with a beautiful child. My sharing with you today is however, about an alternative romance and a life of true passion regarding one man's journey..."

DOES MURPHY really have to assure us that he's not gay? Why would he?...kind of makes me wonder.

"Tony Giorgio is the creator of an extensive training video revolving around the art of hand mucking and card manipulation called "The Ultimate Work." I have reviewed this training video first hand and found its merits toward casino training both valuable and educational. This training product is two full hours of step by step training in the art of hand mucking that even the best of the best can appreciate and gain from viewing. Tony offers his skilled art with an egoless charm and the true showmanship presently lost within today's mediocre training videos; making "The Ultimate Work" beneficial to all..."

DIDN'T MURPHY in January say something about not valuing ex-cheats as rock stars? Suddenly two months later he is all gung-ho for ex-cheats displaying their "showmanship" for people eager to learn how to protect their casinos from hustlers and cheats. Talk about hypocritical words!

"IT IS important to note, I'm not gaining any royalties by sharing these thoughts with you; I simply gain an opportunity by sharing and introducing a hidden treasure in the likes of Tony Giorgio..."

Come on, Jeff, we believe you're not simply out "hustling" Tony's DVD! Who would ever think that you're getting a cut of the profits?...Not me! And, by the way, as of this writing Tony Giorgio's website consists of nothing more than one page selling his DVD. So where is all the "beef" supporting this ex-cheater's alleged value to the game protection industry?


"The Catwalk's readers will be interested in your personal history. Please share."

"Having reviewed The Ultimate Work, you appear to still have a great passion and skill to share. Any follow up productions slated to follow...?"

Sounds like Jeff is eager to get the sequel DVD going and to get Mr. Giorgio into a new role as a casino consultant, and just two months ago Murphy expressed such utter distaste at this very thought!

HERE'S THE COUP DE GRACE! Murphy betrays his nearly religious crusade-like anti-hiring-ex-cheaters-as-consultants January belief and actually asks Tony Giorgio:

"Have you ever envisioned consulting for gaming or maybe even presenting a training session at a conference...?"

Well, Jeff, maybe Tony will come out to Oregon and give your casino a few pointers! Sounds like that's what you want, no?


I would personally like to thank Mr. Tony Giorgio for graciously taking the time to share his insights and experiences with our forum. Tony Giorgio's "The Ultimate Work" DVD can be located on-line at..."

I refuse to make public Mr. Giorgio's website address because I do not want to promote his cheating DVD the way Jeff Murphy is doing. But, so there's no misunderstanding of who Tony Giorgio is, here are some of the facts he states on his website:

TONY GIORGIO played cards across the United States, on the Canadian prairies, in Cuba before the revolution and in the cantinas of Mexican border towns. He moved in private clubs, private games, floating games, athletic clubs, poolrooms, card rooms and casinos. He moved on the unsophisticated and the sophisticated. GIORGIO played poker with the hoi-polloi, blue collar workers, rodeo riders and cowboys in Texas, New Mexico, Wyoming and Arizona; with miners in Montana, longshoremen with grappling hooks in their belts and New Orleans pimps sporting pearl-handled pistols. He played in limit-games for pocket change and in games played for high stakes. During his travels and play, he learned from the top hold-out men in the world and invented and used many of his own cheating moves which he now reveals.

In DVDs, which run over two hours, GIORGIO demonstrates and teaches the MACHINE BREAK and his many original variations. He shows never before exposed CARD-STEALS. There are heretofore unrevealed BLACKJACK and HOLE CARD-SWITCHES, MULTIPLE CARD SWITCHES, explanations and demonstrations of CAPPING THE DECK, CAPPING TO THE BOTTOM, CLEANING-UP, SPREADING DOWN, or PLAYING THE BRUSH. In great detail, GIORGIO teaches the ploy of playing with an extra card and MULTIPLE METHODS of cleaning it up (getting rid of the extra card). There are lengthy discussions and demonstrations of the art of concealment and the attitudes that allay suspicion. You will see and learn the moves that get the money. You will view every use of card palming in advantage play and its application.