Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Computers and Scanners Aiding Dice Control Craps Cheating

Roulette computers have been around a long time now and just about everyone up and current on casinos, including the casinos, knows about them. We have also heard about computers being used at blackjack to aid in card counting operations; nearly everyone's heard about them too. But here's something I bet you haven't heard of; I surely hadn't until yesterday: Computers and scanners to beat Craps! I've received a dozen e-mails since last Friday asking about this new phenomenon. Supposedly, someone has developed a scanner that can gauge the tumble of the dice much like scanners can measure the revolutions of a ball spinning around a roulette wheel to predict which section of numbers the ball will land in. After several rolls of scanning the dice in this fashion and micro-computing the outcomes, a pattern of outcomes can be established pertaining to each pair of dice in a craps game, given no two dice are exactly the same in weight and balance.

What is my opinion on this? I say it's total bullshit. I don't even believe in manual dice control. So how could scanning the dice really amount to anything--unless somehow you could scan them after they crash against the back wall until they come to a stop, but that seems pretty far-fetched to me.

If anyone has info on this, please let me know.