Saturday, March 15, 2008

Card Counting at Blackjack

How to Cheat at Blackjack is becoming very popular in my mailbox these days. No wonder why: The MIT Blackjack movie is just around the corner and now everyone and his old lady want to hit the blackjack tables for a killing. The big question is, Can Card counting still work with all this publicity out there, and in spite of the fact that every casino pit boss and blackjack dealer capable of sight, sound, or Braille is going to take in this movie, either now or within 6 months from now? Well, the answer is much faster than the question, and it's YES with a capital Y.

Why? Don't forget that card counting has been publicized now for decades. We've seen the famed card counter Ken Uston on TV shows, we've seen Dustin hoffman and Tom Cruise counting cards in another movie those same pit bosses and dealers saw, "Rain Man," and we've heard countless banter about the subject everywhere from the Starbucks in your favorite casino to the Starbucks in Katmandu (is one there yet?). So publicity about blackjack card counting is nothing new and casinos will continue to be just as vulnerable to it after this MIT Blackjack Team movie as they were before any of the geeks on that team were born.

The second most frequent question I've been getting asked lately is if I give courses on card counting. I do, but unless you're serious about it and have the diligence, discipline and bankroll to engage in it, don't get involved. You have to be really good to beat the casinos for substantial sums of money. I, for one, can tell you that.

My page on card counting courses for those seriously interested can be found here.