Tuesday, February 05, 2008

World Game Protection Conference Double-Dealing to its Attendees?

World Game Protection Conference Double-Dealing to its Attendees?

As last year’s disappointed keynote speaker at the World Game Protection conference, I was hopeful that I would see some changes and improvement to the 2008 program. I finally had the chance to take a look at it, and unfortunately, it seems very repetitious of not only last year’s conference but also the inaugural WGPC edition of 2006. The first thing that struck me, other than its marquee speaker’s lack of importance to modern game protection issues, was that several of the speakers in this year’s lineup spoke at last year’s conference and even the first one back in 2006. This is kind of like a double-deal where you get the same hand over and over again at the blackjack table. It’s more of the same old same old, especially for those who have attended either of the first two annual conferences. I was hoping to see more innovative strategies to make repeat attendees feel like they’re getting more for their buck. But anyway, enough of my critique of these current so called “game protection” conferences. I have now decided to do something about it.

In February, 2009, probably in Las Vegas (though the venue is subject to change), I will hold the first WORLD CASINO PROTECTION CONFERENCE. It will be open only to people affiliated with gambling casinos. This will be a two-day conference featuring speakers who will REALLY make a difference in teaching you about casino, game and slot protection. The speakers list will be divided between the world’s best professional casino and slot cheaters, including myself, as well as the world’s best casino surveillance and security experts, and only those who are RELEVANT to TODAY’s casino surveillance and security issues as well as knowledgeable on organized cheating concepts and methods. There will be no one speaking whose sole connection to gaming is an outdated book or any book or platform that has nothing to do with modern casino and game protection. From my speakers, you will get true knowledge from both sides of the table, and you certainly need to hear it firsthand from the cheaters who did it, not only from surveillance and law enforcement people called in on investigations after the fact.

But the best part for you prospective casino attendees is that this two-day super surveillance conference will be FREE! That’s right; there will be absolutely no charge to attend this conference, though there will be a limit of 5 employees from any one casino. Also, one hotel room will be complimentary for each casino sending attendees.

Why am I doing this? For two reasons. Firstly, there has been a movement orchestrated by Jeff Murphy of the Seven Feathers Casino in Oregon (one of the three-time speakers at the WGPC) to have me ostracized from the world of casino game protection consulting by undermining my credibility, evidenced by his letters to Casino Enterprise Management Magazine, which I wrote for. My response to that will be evident at my conference next year; we will indeed see a REAL game protection conference with the people who invented the scams and those who can protect casinos against them. Secondly, this is my way of “paying back” so to speak, and all the expenses incurred to stage the event and pay the speakers will be incurred by me personally. I did well enough cheating casinos for 25 years that I can certainly afford to do this, so it is with good intension that I offer casino staffs the chance to attend this important gaming event completely free of charge. You will get lots more than the smoke and mirrors of most of these game protection conferences, I guarantee you that.

Please stay tuned to this blog for constant updates to the first WORLD CASINO PROTECTION CONFERENCE. Articles about this will also appear in your industry magazines, with the exception of Casino Enterprise Management Magazine, which is controlled by its advisory board (Willy Allison, president of the WGPC, is its chief member and Jeff Murphy is a consistent contributor). No wonder that I have been removed from CEM’s contributor’s list in spite of my very informative articles in that magazine.

Registration For WCPC should be available by May1st, 2008.