Tuesday, February 12, 2008


That's right! The scam happened right on the French poker forum "Le Club Poker," where one member scammed another out of $500. This is a first!

A guy (the victim) on this forum started a thread to say that he'd like to cash out $500 from Full Tilt Poker to deposit the funds back to his Everest Poker account. He said that he's having problems withdrawing the funds because his Visa credit card doesn't allow money-back-transfer operations (this happens sometimes with some banks that have rigid security control procedures, especially in France, no wonder due to the recent $7.2 billion trading scam). So his only solution is to open a Neteller account, than cash in a small amount at the poker room, and then, only then, will he be allowed to transfer the cash back to this new Neteller account... a really annoying process...

Another guy (the con man) who was a quite respected member of the poker forum with more than 500 posts to his credit, tells him that he'd be glad to help him. "Transfer the money to me and I will get it back to your Everest account." The victim then transferred the $500 from his Full Tilt account to the con man's Full Tilt account, then waited for the con man to transfer the money back to his Everest account.

Needless to say, 5 days later, the money's still not there and no more posts from the con man!

Il a bien disparu...that's French for "he disappeared."

Gotta love this stuff!!