Monday, February 04, 2008

Poker Cheating on Poker Forums

I often get e-mails from people reporting about poker scams or other alleged incidents of cheating at poker tables as well as poker cheating online. Lately, for some reason, I have gotten a dozen e-mails asking me if poker forums were a good source of information about poker cheating, especially inasmuch as getting good tips to avoid being cheated and which online poker sites tend to have the most cheating going on. Well, I hadn't really asked myself about the reliability of poker cheating information found on the poker forums, but I did already have a preconceived notion about the general level of info found in the anonymous rambling of so many alleged virtual poker gurus. I first started seriously reading forums upon the publication of my book "Dirty Poker." Some of the comments were sound and intelligent, others were completely ridiculous, still others drifted so far away from the initial thread of "Dirty Poker by Richard Marcus" that it was both comical and goofy. But this kind of diversity and range is the norm for not only poker forums but just about all forums on the Internet. However, when it comes to cheating at poker, both online and off, it is imperative that a vast majority of the information be accurate and informative. So after a tour of cheating threads on some major forums, I would have to conclude that poker forums are not a good place to get dependable information on poker cheating.

Which might make you wonder why I don't administer a poker forum on this site. Well, I have certainly thought of the idea and would love to do it, but it wouldn't serve well as I would have the same problems with a poker cheating forum that anyone else would. I just wouldn't be able to control the content, thus a lot of inaccurate information about cheating would be disseminated on my forum. I would then be forced to spend all my time examining and deleting faulty statements. So for the time being, I will continue to respond to your individual questions concerning poker cheating by e-mail. Please keep them coming.