Thursday, February 21, 2008

How to Cheat Casinos and Slots according to casino / Kiwi Poker is Top 10 Safe

How to cheat the casino and slot machines even when you're innocent. Here's what happened in Australia's Sky City casino:

Factory worker Jens Peter Dragon thought his luck had changed when he won $22,000 at Adelaide's Sky City casino - but he never got to enjoy the money.

Within days of his gaming machine win, Mr Dragon, of Paradise, was branded a cheat by casino management and left facing a 10-year jail term. Instead of living the good life, the 44-year-old had to use his winnings to fund an 18-month campaign to prove his innocence.

"They tried to put me in jail for winning something," he told newspapers yesterday.
"It seemed as if Lady Luck embraced me for a two-day affair, but she turned out to be a harlot who'd been around the block a few times."

In the Adelaide Magistrates Court yesterday, prosecutors dropped allegations that his good fortune came from a malfunction in the machine. Mr Dragon was awarded $2000 in costs, but said he was considering lodging a lawsuit against Sky City.

"The whole experience was shocking," he said. "I could never have enjoyed the money with the case hanging over my head. Now it is gone, and I had to take out loans to cover everything. I'll think about whether I'll pursue a claim for civil damages, losses and compensation for these unjust allegations, which have now been shown to be groundless."

In July 2006, Mr Dragon played the Sega Royal Ascot horse racing gaming machine at Sky City. The machine allows up to 12 people to bet on six model horses and jockeys as they race around a track. Players can bet for a horse to win or place bets on the quinella - the first two horses to finish. Mr Dragon received $22,000, but the casino claimed he had done so because of a malfunction. He was charged with taking advantage of a machine malfunction to secure a benefit--an offense that carries a maximum jail term of 10 years.

Yesterday, prosecutors formally tendered no evidence. Mr Dragon said he was happy, but the matter was not over. "I've instructed a legal representative to issue a letter of demand against the casino," he said. "If they fail to give me a satisfactory response, I'll take matters much further."

A Sky City spokeswoman yesterday said the company had not been notified of any legal proceedings against it. "If the civil claim relates to the same set of circumstances which gave rise to the criminal charge, it would be inappropriate for Sky City to comment on the matter," she said.

Mr Dragon is one of several people worldwide who have found their winnings in jeopardy when a casino has claimed a machine malfunctioned.

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