Friday, February 22, 2008

How to Cheat at Poker How to Cheat at Online Poker / Mansion Poker Top 10 Safest Online Poker Site

HOW TO CHEAT AT ONLINE POKER. HOW TO CHEAT AT POKER. Have you ever seen these search engine tag lines on Google? Have you ever come across them accidentally while searching something with similar words but different meanings; like "cheating at poker" or "poker cheating?" I imagine you have, as they protrude ubiquitously from the "sponsored links" columns. You were probably looking for information on how to protect yourself from becoming a cheating victim but instead landed on a tag line for a site that promises to make you a successful cheater. I also imagine that you've clicked through out of curiosity and seen all kinds of guarantees such as "Guaranteed To Make $25,000 a Month Cheating Online!" or the annual version "$300,000 Profits per Year Poker Cheating!" Did you ever stumble upon those sites that claim to be able to provide you the software enabling you to see your online poker opponents' hole cards? And then you wonder, Is there any truth to these claims? Are these websites for real? Or are they complete frauds like Nigerian Jackpot Claim scams asking you to pay tax money up front so that you can claim your huge windfalls without government interference?

I'm sure the answers to these questions are the ones you're expecting...Yes, these sites ARE telling the truth and can really teach you how to cheat your way to riches!...Wait!...I'm only kidding! Really, forgive me, I'm just in a humorous mood. The real truth is that every single one of these sites claiming they can show you how to cheat your way to profits at online poker is full of crap. What they do is prey upon your fears about being cheated by bots and hackers and then psychologically attempt to convince you that cheating back is the only way to protect yourself. It's simply a "cheat the cheaters" pitch that misses home plate by a mile. DON'T SUBSCRIBE TO ANY OF THESE WEBSITES!

MANSION POKER: Top 10 Safe Online Poker Room. To see current rankings, click here.

MANSION POKER is a recently launched online poker room which offers a huge 100% deposit bonus. Other promotions, such as freerolls and a chance to play at the site's own Poker Dome really add up to the excitement at the tables, and their remarkable software is key to their success. Although being independent, the room is accumulating traffic with lightning speed due to their extremely successful advertising and exceptional offers. There are great bonuses, huge traffic, impressive software and crowdy tournaments, plus lots of prizes and promotions. I have not seen any evidence of serious cheating since I've been monitoring this site. Both collusion and bot play have been well below the industry average, and Mansion Poker has never appeared on my list of unsafe sites. For my complete review of Mansion Poker, click here.