Thursday, January 17, 2008

World Game Protection Conference

Richard Marcus’s response to Jeff Murphy’s January Catwalk article “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: How to pick a casino consultant.”

I suspect Jeff Murphy wrote this article as a personal attack on me, as I am the ONLY ex-casino cheat now actively consulting to gambling casinos. His animosity towards me first manifested itself in a cruel attack he made on me in a letter to Casino Enterprise Management Magazine, in which I wrote an article about certain existing deficiencies in casino surveillance that he objected to. He has since campaigned to have me removed from CEM’s contributors list and has succeeded, as CEM not only removed me from that list but also from its list of quality consultants on its website.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a former casino cheat turned author and casino game protection consultant. In 2007, I was the keynote speaker at the World Game Protection Conference in Las Vegas and surely met many of you while there. Some of you may have also read some of my books, most notably American Roulette and Dirty Poker, or my game protection articles in Casino Enterprise Management Magazine, or even my casino cheating blog on my website, not to mention the World Game Protection’s own newsletter.

I was extremely offended by the part of Jeff Murphy’s article where he admonished casino executives not to hire ex-casino cheats as consultants. He is surely entitled to his opinion on the subject, but I found his language and statements “of fact” to be both unfounded and unnecessarily offensive. His phrases such as “ex-cheats are like vultures scouring the field to feed off the heightened celebrity of casinos” among others, I found totally uncalled for and injurious.

In writing this letter I want to take this opportunity to say that since the publication of my book in 2003, I have spoken at many game protection conferences and seminars across the world and consulted privately in that field to casinos. I have worked diligently to teach casino staffs how to protect themselves against people who have my skills and can cheat their casinos out of significant sums of money in a very organized way. My motive for doing this is not to set up casinos to rob them as Jeff Murphy’s letter would have you believe but rather to impart my knowledge on the subject to casino staffs willing to learn and benefit from it, just as I have done in my books. I would certainly think my knowledge on casino cheating and game protection, and my ability to transmit that knowledge, is at least as good as anyone else’s in the field. My motive is clearly not “to threaten casinos’ assets, undermine casino activities, or mug casino employees one day and then come back the next to pull at their heartstrings while panhandling for their money” as Murphy’s article claims almost verbatim that ex-cheats are looking to do.

I would gladly supply on anyone’s request references from casino people who I’ve worked for and were quite satisfied with my training seminars.

In summation, no one broadcasting their opinions should do so in a way that conveys them as fact. In speaking of myself, make no mistake about it; I have absolutely no regrets about the two decades I spent cheating the world’s casinos. I was the best ever at it and worked hard to get that way. It is with that same attitude and diligence that I go about what I do now: teaching casinos and their staffs to be better than me.

I sincerely hope that Jeff Murphy’s statements would not prevent anyone from hiring me to train their casino staffs in game protection. Keep an open mind. He has lumped all ex-cheaters into a ball of deceit and distrust. He has neither the right nor the evidence to do so.