Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Pat and Balls' New Year's Eve Tally!

I spoke to my two ex-cheating buddies Pat and Balls New Year's Day. I was just dying to hear how much cash they turned in the casinos New Year's Eve. As I expected, they'd gone to Vegas, and as I also suspected, they hit the wall-to-wall mobbed up casinos with the Savannah and blackjack moves, all with chocolate $5,000 chips. While on the phone with Pat, I kept asking him, "Come on, Johnny (we always call each other Johnny), gimme the number!" How much did you guys make out there?" I wasn't as persistent as Brian McNamee asking Roger Clemens on the phone, "Whaddaya want me to do? Whaddaya want me to do?", but I was dying to know how much they scored. Pat, as was always his custom, just like the way he used to (and I imagine still does) perform his ritual with his wine and Sinatra music preparing to go out and bust the casinos, made me listen to his song and dance before spilling the beans...or I should say chips because he actually rattled a few against the mouthpiece of his hotel suite telephone. Of course he and Balls were ensconced in a $3,000 a night suite, and of course Pat was hungover from his having gotten cocked up the night before to fuel his attack on the casinos. Those of you who've either read my book American Roulette or seen the Breaking Vegas episode about my cheating team know what I mean about Pat's getting-cocked-up sessions.

So Pat said to me on the phone, "Johnny, it was a crusade...I mean massacre. We really killed 'em! They're still falling for Savannah as if she were walkin' through the casinos naked. Johnny, is she really that hot-looking?" Then he laughed.

Savannah is of course not a woman but rather the best casino-cheating move of all time. (Click on the video page to see her in action) And I don't know how "hot-looking" she is but she sure worked good in the casinos, disarming male pit bosses the way any hot babe in a short skirt and pumps would.

"Come on, Johnny," I said, "gimme the number!"

"Johnny," he quipped, "didn't we tell the whole world about Savannah on TV?" He laughed again.

"Yeah, you bet, Johnny, and believe it or not, it's on TV today!"

"I hope the pit bosses watch it," he cracked. "Maybe they'll figure out what hit 'em last night."

I was, like always, just amazed how Savannah keeps dancing in the casinos more than 4 years after I exposed her hidden charms in American Roulette and after all the TV shows where the mechanics of the move were shown and explained, not to mention the numerous gaming seminars where I did demonstrations. It proves again what an unbelievable move she...it is. If a cat has nine lives, Savannah's got ninety!

When Balls got on the phone, he said the same thing about Savannah that he said on the TV show, "It's unbelievable that you can't see that bottom chocolate chip but you can't see that bottom chocolate chip!"

I pressed Balls and he finally gave it up. "We cleared a buck-fifteen," he said with a chuckle.

That means a hundred fifteen grand!

Not bad for a day's work...or should I say an eve's work?