Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Real Cheating Carnival at a Three-Card Poker Table / Online Casino/Poker Reviews Coming / Thanks For Your Compliments on my New Website

Recently I have been blogging a lot about online poker cheating since its scandals have been so huge and dominant in the news the past few months. In doing so, I almost forgot to recount a funny "real casino" cheating incident that happened while I was in Vegas last month. Whenever I'm in my former "Candy Store City," as I like to call it, I always stroll through the casinos, just observing things, watchful for some of my former cheating buddies and other cheating teams I came to know over the years. Well, that last trip there I didn't stumble on anyone I knew, but I did happen upon a foursome of cheaters who were a long way from professional, although they did get the job done. They were two college-age couples and were playing Three Card Poker. My interest in the game stemmed from its newness to me. When I retired from my cheating career, Three Card Poker was still a distant thought in its inventor's head. So anyway, I just decided to watch the game and kill some time.

It didn't take long before I knew some cheating was going on. And even before that I recognized how vulnerable both the dealer and the game would be to cheating. The two couples were not sitting at the table as couples; only I knew the two pretty women at one end of the table were with the two dudes at the other end. The reason I caught on to that was because I observed the two guys actually switching their cards to make their best hands! That's right, as blatantly as you could imagine, passing off their cards as if they were playing team bridge! It really was quite easy because the two babes at the other end of the table were blond and hot and smiley and giggly, and the dealer was quite hopeless under their spell. So much so that he completely abandoned his position behind the middle of the table to flirt with them. They kept him busy with the usual bullshit about not knowing how to play the game, and the dealer was more than happy to oblige, thinking he was going to hook up with them after his shift for a few drinks at the Horseshoe. Yes, I gave it away, the casino where this happened was in downtown Las Vegas, but these carnival games (all the poker derivative games in the blackjack pits) are getting hit like crazy. The reason is that the atmosphere around them is so lively, and the pit bosses don't watch these games closely; they just don't take them very seriously, mainly because the limits are generally lower than the regular casino games in the pit. Then, of course, there's all that fun and chatter about the jackpots associated with these carnival games. You can bet that the two dudes switched cards for hours on end and only stopped when the guy dealer was relieved on his breaks by a lady dealer. Unless that relief dealer was a lesbian, the blond babes' flirting wouldn't do them much good!

Two days after that, I caught another entertaining episode of cheating a carnival game. This time it was Four Card Poker, and yes, it was on the Las Vegas Strip, and yes, there were two babes involved. But neither was hot, nor were they with any guys! These two "cheat chicks" were professional bet pressers, (adding chips to probable winning hands) using well-practiced agility to press their bets when they held good cards. They did their moves underneath the camouflage of tucking their cards after they looked at them. Shit, were they good! Don't forget, in these games if your going to press your bets, you have to press two of them in accordance with the ante/play/raise rules. These womanly wonders needed no distractions. And they didn't have to worry about any horny pit bosses looking at them! I took the liberty of following them into another casino and watched them ply their tricks with what I imagined was a wide smile of appreciation on my face.


I am working on this with my webmaster and soon will ad this new page to my website, where I will be discussing, rating and warning about online poker rooms and casinos.


For those of you who e-mailed me with your positive thoughts about my new website, I do appreciate it. Naturally its expansion is keeping me quite busy and I do enjoy it. I guess you can say that now, instead of switching the chips, I'm switching the words! Again, thank you.