Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Cheating at Mobile Gaming???

First of all, what is Mobile Gaming? It's gambling done on a remote wireless-connected device such as wireless tablet PC's, mobile phones and other non-traditional mid-level networked commuting devices. Some online casinos and online poker cardrooms offer mobile options. Most mobile gambling services require a data connection to operate. The data connection is provided by the telecom provider for the region or country and may use data layer technologies such as GPRS, GSM Data, UMTS, and I-MODE. However, some services are available through an SMS text messaging interface. Some analysts place the value of this market space at US$20 billion by 2010, though at the moment it is still at a nascent stage due to the nature of most countries' indecision towards regulation of remote and online gambling.

So, can mobile gaming be cheated? Well, for those of you who say no, think again! Many people believe hacking online casinos' source codes from the outside is impossible. Many believed seeing players' hole cards, as what happened at Absolute Poker, was impossible. When it comes to cellular technology, remember how we all thought that no one speaking on their cellphone could be tracked to an exact location, right? Well, now they can track you to a dime! So, believe me, the high-tech cheaters will find ways to cheat mobile gaming, just as they did with traditional online gaming. I will be passing evidence of this along as I get it.