Monday, October 29, 2007

Was Absolute Poker Rogue setting up Sports Book in Costa Rica?

If so, that will make a wonderful marriage! It's the same old "steal from one enterprise to start another crooked enterprise." Read about it!

Several sources have confirmed that the Absolute Poker Super User account scammer AJ Green and another sportsbook associate were attempting to open up a sportsbook in Costa Rica. Could he have been using the ill gotten gains from the Absolute Poker Scandal? It sure does sound like it from what we are hearing coming out of Central America. The other associate of Green was a former sportsbook executive known as "Powers" that was rumored to steal customer databases from the places he worked at before leaving.

A source stated "I can confirm the sportsbook deal with that Powers guy...a sportsbook started with stolen fact this could be the whole reason for the scam because AJ is too cheap to spend his own money."

As recently as October 22nd, the pair "walked into some place to look at office space and the owner told them to 'get the fuck out' as he knew about the poker scam," stated a second well connected source in Costa Rica. AJ Green, the Absolute Poker Super User scammer, appears to be on the lam with online gambling information website stating he was last seen in Panama City, Panama. A recent report stated Green was using the services of armed bodyguards after the news broke of his involvement in the scandal. How can a "consultant" making approximately 50k per year afford bodyguards?

"AJ Green seemed like the type of guy you would find in a sportsbook," stated professional poker player Mark Seif in a video on the website today. "He had a free spirit....He liked to party, he had long hair...we certainly did not talk about any hole cards."

Seif went on to state he met AJ Green in Costa Rica twice and that Absolute has already paid out "upwards of over $1 million dollars already" in refunds to online poker players. first reported that the actual amount of the Absolute Poker Super User scam was approximately $7 million and spans over three years.

"I think this type of incident could have happen on Poker Stars, I think it could have happened at Full Tilt. I think it could happen anywhere. The real issue is how the company handles it after the fact!"

We could not agree more and believe Joe Norton, the former Grand Chief of the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake and the 100% owner of Absolute Poker parent company Tokwiro Enterprises ENRG will do the right thing in this situation which thrusts his Indian tribe directly into the internet gambling spotlight. Norton releases a statement about the Super User Account Scandal to all registered account Absolute Poker accountholders on October 21st, 2007.

The online poker giant has the funds to survive this storm and we believe all players that were effected will be reimbursed after an internal audit, an audit by Gaming Associates and a audit by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission are completed. This is anticipated to conclude over the next several weeks. Absolute Poker could actually come out stronger than every if they play their cards right this time around!