Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Is Jamie Gold a bigger thief than me?

We've all heard by now that 2006 grand WSOP champion Jamie Gold has been sued for half his $12 million prize money, but I just saw him playing on TV for the first time, and this guy is OBNOXIOUS! Did you see all that trash talk and the psycho games he was playing on that final table? Man, I don't know the guy from Adam, but I'd bet my last wooden nickel that he's as guilty as the guy sueing him says he is, and that's just from looking at him. If it is indeed true and he gets away with it, then he will have pulled off the greatest con in poker history, better than anything I wrote about in Dirty Poker. So my advice to all you poker players getting involved in these pre-tournament deals that Dirty Poker cast in such a negative light is to get ALL of these arrangements in WRITING! If not, your GOLD could turn to CRAP! Pardon the pun.

I am busy these days working on my new book THE WORLD's GREATEST GAMBLING SCAMS, which should be out in the early spring, 2007. This book should highly entertain you as it will detail the top 10 greatest scams of all time. You will meet the people who pulled them off and see exactly how they did it, those with electronic gizmos and those with nothing more than wit and balls.

On the world cheating front, for some reason there seems to be a lot going on in Australia these past few weeks. I've heard that a new Italian roulette-pastposting team is on the loose Down Under. I'm wondering if they're descendants of the Italian wheelmasters I knew over the years. They have a really great sliding-chip move that is one of the best I've ever seen. I've also gotten word from surveillance people that my lovely Savannah (roulette move) waltzed through the same casinos. Again, she beat the pants off the wheels and those lucky guys escorting her had no problems. They were using $1,000 Aussie chips, not the $5,000 American chocolates I used, but certainly worth the trip.

Stay cool, and I'll be back with an update soon.