Sunday, October 08, 2006

Cheating at 2006 WSOP, Identity Theft, Inc., World's Greatest Gambling Scams

Has anyone heard about the chip-cheating incident just two tables from the final table at the championship event? I hadn't until a reader e-mailed me about it. I researched it, and apparently it was true, but I didn't get all the details. During a count of the chips it was found that there were several chips too many in play, but I don't know if particular players were accused. What I do know is that the WSOP chip-cheating I wrote about in Dirty Poker is going on all over. And with the WSOP, this makes two consecutive years chip-cheating was discovered. In 2005, it happened twice! If anyone has more details on this, I'd appreciate your letting me know.

My new book Identity Theft, Inc. should be in the stores this week. It's already available online for less.

I am also working on what will be my fourth book called "The World's Greatest Gambling Scams." You bet, it will be about exactly what the title says! The inside stories of the best ten gambling scams of all time.

Hope everyone had a great summer!