Saturday, February 18, 2006

TV Show: World's Greatest Gambling Scams Begins Monday Night

Hey, cheaters and honest gamblers:

If you're in the UK, the Challenge TV series "The World's Greatest Gambling Scams" begins Monday night, February 20th. It's a 10-part series, and I will be featured in many of them. Don't miss it. I've seen the tapes and they are very well done.

Also, you UK readers might see articles on me this weekend in the Saturday Times and the Mail On Sunday magazine Live Night and Day. It's all about my career cheating casinos and my opinions about rampant poker cheating both online and in major tournaments including the WSOP.

Check out the March issue of Inside Edge Magazine. Great article about online poker cheating.

Of course, read my book "Dirty Poker" due out in early March.

For those of you in the US, check out the KLAS TV Web site On February 27th, you can see me doing an interview with George Knapp, the award-winning investigative reporter who broke the Area 51 story. If you live in Vegas, you can see the broadcasts on the news.

I'll be back soon,